THE COG IS DEAD are a trio of musical performers whose live show and albums have received critical and audience acclaim from fans, journalists and fellow musicians in their field. They portray 19th-century time travelers from Victorian England who are on a mission to bring traditional clockwork and steam power back to the forefront of technology and destroy all digital clocks. The show, suitable for all ages, combines theatricality with fun and whimsical musical variety in a self-described “musical roller coaster ride.” The eclectic styles and character-based storytelling lyrics take the audience on a fun Steampunk journey to an alternate history and a future that never was. Along with entertaining video segments and humor, The Cog is Dead is a show filled with catchy songs that are sure to get your toes tapping, put a smile on your face and light a flame in your heart.


“The Cog is Dead display a versatility that I have seldom seen, or rather, heard, before… they cover an astonishing range of musical styles and prove masters of them all!”
– Daily Steampunk

– Aurelio Voltaire

“This is some damn fine steampunk music!”
– Jake von Slatt, The Steampunk Workshop

Voted one of the TOP 5 BEST steampunk bands on earth, in a poll of over 90 bands and over 50,000 votes!