Magician! Human Blockhead! Eats real glass!

GIRL smashed between two BEDS OF NAILS!

DANGER: NOT for spectators with the vapors, some forms of apoplexy, or whose humors are out of balance!

Pounding out mystical African and Middle Eastern rhythms on ethnic drums, Rose Red drives the music – and the comedy — in such ROSCOE and Rose Red originals as “I Want My Monsters Ugly,” “The Chanty of the Devil’s Blight,” and “Smokin’ Hot Steampunk Momma.”

Rose Red’s passion for performing arises from her original and still favorite specialty venues: faires, festivals, conventions, and Goth clubs. As a leader in alternative belly dance forms, she has brought Victorian belly dance to the forefront of the Midwest belly dance community and lights up many annual Steampunk conventions with intricate, exciting belly dance shows.

Dancing for audiences coast-to-coast with swords, daggers, staves, flags, fan veil, and traditional Middle Eastern props, Rose Red charms, thrills, and when appropriate terrifies street and stage audiences with dance as performance art: American Cabaret and gothic belly dance styles, the fiery dances of the Rromani [ethnically correct spelling] people and West African polyrhythmic dances.

Known in traditional belly dance circles as Jadzia Asima, Rose Red is the founder and troupe director of the Mysfit Toyz of Wichita, Kansas, and Woc Rakasat Hefennu and Rromani Yog in Winfield, Kansas. She teaches dance at Amira Dance Productions in Wichita, at area recreation centers, and in private instruction.

It’s a tightly honed street-magic act, which works perfectly on stage.

For 15 years so far, the Notorious ROSCOE from Biloxi has performed magic and music for the crowned heads of Europe, potentates of the Far and Near East, chieftains in the darkest jungles of Africa and the Amazon, and titans of American industry and has entertained appreciative audiences on every earthly continent except Antarctica, where the penguins wouldn’t understand his amazing feats of prestidigitation anyway. Impossible illusions of brass, steel, rope, and chains will mystify and astonish you. And then ROSCOE will hammer not one but TWO solid steel spikes directly into his head. Delightful.

Additionally, ROSCOE’s hilarious three-shell and fast-and-loose con games, performed for entertainment purposes only, and his close-up coin magic provide lighthearted distractions for tourists and conventioneers in busy streets, convention hallways, and other pedestrian-traffic areas.

Best of all, NO CARD TRICKS!

And then, there’s that banjo and our new, amazing percussionist, Rose Red Beaumont. Original Steampunk-themed and old timey songs including rousing sea and airship chanties.