Want to show off your costume and your hard work? Be part of our fashion show!

Let all that hard work you did on your outfit get you some praise and great prizes. Check out the rules and  register for the Fashion Show. If you have any questions, email us.

To register, you must purchase a free Fashion Show Submission ticket from our Eventbrite page at: Get Tickets Here

Once you have selected your free Fashion Show Submission ticket, you will be asked to provide information about your entry. Once the order is complete you will be registered for the contest! You will need to check in at the Fashion Show table as stated in the rules below.

Fashion Show Rules

If you have purchased a ticket for Emerald City Steampunk Expo, you can register for the Fashion Show online or at the Fashion Show table by noon November 5, 2016. That is the only way to ensure a spot. We will take registrations at the Expo until time slots are filled. All registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. You must register no later than one hour before show time. You must register even if you just want to walk the stage to show off and are not competing.


All Fashion Show events are open to all paid attendees of Emerald City Steampunk Expo. However, we have limited time and space, so please register early.

Time limits

The number of entries and the time we have will set the pace and allotted time on stage for each entry. Judging will take place during rehearsal, so be sure to be on time.


Please remember that this event may have attendees of all ages. Keep your costumes street-legal.

Costume guidelines

You must be able to walk a flight of stairs unimpaired in your costume, go through standard-sized doorways (at least sideways), and sit comfortably. If you feel yours is a special case, or have a question, e-mail the Fashion Show Coordinator.

Staying on stage

You must stay on stage and/or the designated areas throughout your presentation. Do not mingle with the audience.


State law, hotel rules and Emerald City Steampunk Expo’s general rules supersede fashion show rules. Remember, just because you are dressed as a princess, bad guy or all powerful doesn’t mean that you are. Behave, or we will tell your mother.

Removal from competition

The Fashion Show Coordinator and Emerald City Steampunk Expo staff have the authority to remove anyone from the competition for reasons of taste, endangering self or others, violation of rules, or any reason seen fit. There will be no appeal.

Safety precautions

All realistic-looking firearms must have government safety orange visible. No real firearms or metal weaponry are allowed on the premises. No harmful or potentially destructive materials or substances are allowed, including but not limited to fire-based effects (open flames, explosives, flash paper) silly string, paint, tobacco, powder, live animals, confetti, or props that break into more than four pieces. During the Fashion Show, nothing should damage or be left behind on the floor.


The number of entries may be limited if it is deemed necessary. We will not reserve you a spot if you have not registered or shown up for rehearsals one hour prior to show time.

Judging and Award Categories

  • Most Creative
  • Best Craftsmanship
  • Best in Show

If you wish to be judged on craftsmanship, you must submit at least 2 photos (or more) of you in the process of making your costume. You must turn these photos in to the Fashion Show table before rehearsal. We will need to have them for the judging that will take place during rehearsal.


All winners will be announced at the closing ceremonies on Sunday. If you won’t be able to be there, please inform the Fashion Show Coordinator, who will get in touch with you at a later date. The Fashion Show may be videotaped and photographed by our staff for archival or promotional purposes. By entering, contestants give permission for their images to be recorded and used by Emerald City Steampunk Expo and Wolfmoon Productions LLC.